Temple of Elemental Evil (and possibly beyond)

Ogres and zombies
and snakes!

The party managed to recover from the beating they took yesterday and decided to deal with anything else on the first floor before they went down the hatch, in one unsearched wing of the moathouse, they found a giant tick, which tried to put the hurt on Austin Pendlebrooke before they put it down. in the next room they discovered a giant lizard sleeping near a treasure chest. Durik Norjyr used the dead tick to bait the lizard into another room and close the door. They found some money and also found a pile of lizard scat with a magic shield in it. This made the party wonder if there might be more magic in the stomach of the beast, but they quickly abandoned the idea of getting it.

In the other unexplored wing they found a giant constrictor snake (that was also somehow venomous) and put it down quickly. Then they went downstairs.
The first thing that they met was a green slime that dropped onto Austin. he was quick enough at scraping it off that he was not killed, but the group found that they had nothing that could hurt it, so they went and got a torch and slowly burned it to death. The party then used a suit of scale armor on a stick to see if there were any more goopy things hiding on the ceiling… and found another slime and burned it to death.

There were many doors and a hallway, looking down the hallway showed a blood trail and a bunch… a BUNCH of zombies. The party gathered around the hall untrance, with Austin and Durik flanking the opening, Doffsky Tumbledon baiting them out and hiding in his near impenatrable armor, and Miro Pincup firing his crossbow into the crowd. The tactic worked rather well and they managed to take down the zombies almost as fast as they approached the room.
This hallway led to a group of cells where the zombies had been staying. the blood trail led to a torture chamber and inot a secret stairway hidden in a pillar. The group decided to leave a noisy trap at the secret door so that they would know if anyone came up, and went to check more of this level.

The first door they tried led to a room filled with rot and junk, and another door. that door led to a room with an Ogre, who introduced himself as Lubash. and asked if the Master sent them. The party played along and Dofsky led Lubash away with the promise of yummy food. (gettting him to kill the lizard, and finding a magic long sword in its gullet) Miro and Durik broke into Lubash’s stash and took his valuables, replacing them with worthless shiny objects, and picked the lock on a door that led out of the room. That door had 3 bound hostages. Austin and Dofsky played interference with Lubash wHile Miro and Durik led the Hostages to a hiding spot in the tree line. Miro came and got Austin to sit with the freed prisoners while they put Lubash back in his room. While they did that, Austin treated the wounded as best he could, and the gnome awarded him with a ring that declared him as a “friend of the gnomes.”

Chicken fights and Moathouses
Never pay for something that you can get using dead animals for barter

So the party spent some time wondering what to do in town and wnadered around causing various mischief:

  • Austin PendlebrookeWent fishing to pay for his food and save up for a Crossbow, like the neat one he saw used by Miro Pincup.
  • Meanwhile Miro Pincup went to get his crossbow repaired as it had broken literally the first time it was fired.
  • Morgar Stonetipper kind of stood around and agreed with people on things.
  • Doffsky Tumbledon and Durik Norjyr of the mountain Norjyrs went off to get some supplies and somhow managed to escalate a simple bartering session into a pitfighting challenge involving Durik’s dozen chickens and the merchant’s donkey.

In summarry , the party got many free things including a wounded donkey, the crossbow repair, a pipe, and (of course) some custom made platemail for a chicken. (the chicken however was bartered to the merchant, so currently the armor is merely a curiosity carried by Durik).

All of this, along woth the spectacle of the party entering town with a dying priestess after mostly thwarting the bandit ambush, prompted a local retired mercenary to hire the party to disperse some bandits located in a nearby moathouse.
They agreed, provided they were given an up front stipend to equip with, and salvage rights.
So off they went.

The moathouse was easy to find and after scouting they determined that there were less than a dozen bandits in the house and that there were a few giant frogs outside.

they entered the moathouse through a fallen wall on the west side and dispatched 5 of the 6 bandits there. the last fled.
They took a moment to recover, and circled around the outside and went ito a similar fallen wall on the east side (after a short scuffle with some giant frogs that set upoin them).
inside they found the bandit that had fled and 5 others. a long tense battle with many near fatal mistakes on both sides left the party victorious, but barely alive in many cases.

Thorugh much experimentation with bandages and poorly applied direct pressure, the party finally got everyone mobile. They have barricaded themselves into a room of the moathouse and have taken to camp and recover…

Not meeting at a Bar

Durik Norjyr and Doffsky Tumbledon were on a caravan heading to Hommlet, when they came across Miro Pincup tied up in the middle of a crossroads.
Morgar Stonetipper and Austin Pendlebrooke were appraching the same crossraods from different branches when the Caravan was ambushed. Both Morgar Stonetipper and Austin rushed to aid the caravan.
In little time the bandits were dispatched, but the matron of the caravan had been mortally wounded. She requested to be carried to the temple in Hommlet. THe remaining caravaners agreed, while Austin ran ahead to warn the temple of the incoming injured.
When they met the priest from the temple, the matron gave a cryptic message that the priest seemed to understand just before she died.


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