Temple of Elemental Evil (and possibly beyond)

Not meeting at a Bar

Durik Norjyr and Doffsky Tumbledon were on a caravan heading to Hommlet, when they came across Miro Pincup tied up in the middle of a crossroads.
Morgar Stonetipper and Austin Pendlebrooke were appraching the same crossraods from different branches when the Caravan was ambushed. Both Morgar Stonetipper and Austin rushed to aid the caravan.
In little time the bandits were dispatched, but the matron of the caravan had been mortally wounded. She requested to be carried to the temple in Hommlet. THe remaining caravaners agreed, while Austin ran ahead to warn the temple of the incoming injured.
When they met the priest from the temple, the matron gave a cryptic message that the priest seemed to understand just before she died.



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